Sloul carries calm and soul. Where there is a moment of contemplation, there is also presence. And presence is everything. I collect pauses, where there is space for calm and the eye shines. There is comfort, there is beauty where there is SLOUL. There is freedom to be who I am every step of the way. The soul loves itself, surrenders and does not need to prove anything to anyone. There is no time, there is no rush. My flow is timeless and follows a natural path. I feel, therefore I am. My feeling is the sigh of the pause. I respect the truth and it is one, but divided in infinite forms of expression. So it does not matter who you are, it matters if you know where to go, if you know how to feel. The one who feels is the one who preserves, the one who protects, the one who cares, the one who is. Anyway, anywhere. Breath calmly. Feel soulfully.